Townbright Aquatic Equipment

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PP filter, CTO filter, GAC filter, RO Membrane, DI filter

Our filter are made by a US company, with a manufacturing facility in China.

Qanvee Aquarium Double Tap Connector Quick Release Valve for canister filter

Quick‑release connectors are used to disconnect hoses from the center to remove pumps or strainers, primarily used in aquarium strainers.

Fish Tank Background Flim

Background film poster type, only the edge of the film comes with double-sided tape.

Qanvee Co2 inline atomizer, Co2 diffuser

Purchase now with free CO2 tube, while stock last! OSMOSIS TECHNOLOGY: This product adopts reserve osmosis technology to diffuse CO2,

Fish tank / Terrarium plant light

Bright & Energy Saving: Tabletop light provides sufficient illumination, which is sufficient to use as a grow light for house